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The International Conference on Thinking XIX
June 12 – 15, 2024
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(1).  To educate parents on how to discover and preserve their child’s potential genius.

(2).  To train parents and teachers on how to mentor their children’s genius.

(3).  To begin the formal education of children from age 3 1/2 by geniuses 

whose genius spirit is contagious.


Your well-educated child can help improve the world.
Every developed genius talent helps carry forward "an ever-advancing civilization."

Milton Friedman
Professor Milton Friedman found a capitalistic way to give an ideal education to every child regardless of the parents' wealth.
  • The Academy finances the major costs of a child’s supplementtal education using The Education Mortgage concept recommended by Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman, where the child agrees to repay the high cost of a first-rate education with 5% to 10% of his or her future income up through age 40.  At age 41 any unpaid balance is forgiven.  The parents pay 5% or 10% of the household income to the academy as partial payment of the true cost.  The balance of the cost is covered by the Educational Mortgage. The 5% to 10% of the child’s repayment is shared, 20%, to the child’s public school, which is taxpayer funded.

The Academy is financed by local citizens owning shares in The Academy Cooperative Educational Society which finances the Academy.  Investments are as low as $10 per month, ranging up $100,000 per month, on automatic withdrawal from one’s bank.  Non-locals also are invited to join the Cooperative.  Every shareholder is a voting member in the Academy Cooperative Educational Society.  The promised return on investment is 8%.  However, another Nobel Laureate, Professor Theodore Schultz in his The Economic Value of Education, 1963, funded by the Ford Foundation, discovered that the minimum rate of return on career-oriented education will average over 14%.  The democratically elected Board of Trustees of the Academy Cooperative Society will determine the dividends each year after five years of operation. Our goal is that 80% of the citizens of Howard country (10,000 people, including babies[1]) be shareholders.

Income Streams of the Academy

1.  Initial endowments:

a.  Ownership of Inventive Quoient (I.Q.): The Child’s First Course in Logical Reasoning, patented in Fiji in 1979 by Professor William Maxwell, Ed.D., and available world-wide for $40, including a deck of learning cards with 9 abstract symbols for 40 sets of mental drills that exercise most of the child’s 86,000,000,000 genius brain cells, (neurons) plus 7-minutes per day instructional booklet for the child and her/his father.

b.  Ownership of The Maxwell – Martin Multiple Intelligences Career PathFinder which with 19 sociological questions and 50 thinking-skills qustions predicts with incredible accuracy the career where the person is most likely to achieve success and eminence. This test is also known as “The Genius Finder Test.”  It is available online for $199.95.  See Glolar Multimedia Productions.

The value of these endownments were estimated to be at least $2 million for Inventive Quotient (I.Q.) as calculated by the Australian firm hired by The New York Times to market the Family Circle magazine in Australia; and $10 million for “The Genius Finder Test” which was deemed far superior to the standard IQ tests (Stanford-Binet and the Weschler) by two university presidents.

  2.  Tuition Fees.

These are 5% to 10% of the household income or $5,000 per year for 3 1/2 year-olds; $10,000 per year for 5 1/2 year olds; $52,000 per 12 olds, whichever is greater,

3.  The Educational Mortgage

 which is a deferred payment of 5% to 10% of one’s income that begins as soon as the child starts to earn income, which the child almost automatically wishes to do before age 8 via the child’s entrepreneurial training.  E.g., The child grows and sells carrots on a 2 meter x 1 meter farmette earning an average of $5 per week.

4.  Research Grants.

Each teacher/professor of the Academy is trained to conduct research on how best to transmit knowledge and skills in his/her subject.  Since each full-time professor/teacher is in the classroom only 3 hours per day he/she has ample time for basic research.  The Academy’s overhead rate is 33% of all research grants.

5.   Other income Streams.

The Academy is a multi-faceted learning center with additional 40+ income streams, such as Athletic trials for potential athletes which we successfully tried in Arizona with 26 eleven-year-olds from eight nations; conferences and conventions, etc.  The Academy will also seek endowments for professorial chairs, etc.


The Faculty

All humans with 86,000,000,000 genius brain cells are potential geniuses and since genius is contagious, all faculty members must be proven geniuses in their respective fields and must also be skillful teachers/tutors/mentors.[2]   Each teacher/professor is or becomes a skilled  researcher, as do the children.  The minimum full-time salary is $90,000, except the president who is unsalaried.

The Students

All entering students must:

  • Have an IQ over 132, which the Academy will help the child raise to 142 within one year;
  • Have a strong family support system. (Research reveals that supportive fathers are critical to life success.)
  • Show evidence of a strong drive (ambition) to become distinguished in his/her chosen field.
  • The Academy  initially will give priority to children who have the skills and inclinations to enter the healthcare professions[3], or professional sports, professions likely to provide the quickest return on investment.

The First intake will be 3 1/2 year olds for 90 minutes per week.  Six year olds who enter will be assigned to Learning Teams of six, where the children learn to mentor and coach each other in their school subjects and intended profession or trade.  The time at the Academy gradually increases from 90 minutes per week, with a parent, to ten hours per week.

When Will The Academy Begin?

The Academy was incorporated in November 2021 and will lease or purchase a home in Arkansas as soon as $250,000 in investments are placed in escrow accounts at banks in Arkansas. Six months after that we will have our first intake for 90 minutes every Saturday, gradually expanding to ten hours per week. The long-term plan is to develop a permanent site on land in Arkansas. Simultaneously, a twin campus will begin somewhere in Africa per a gift of £20,000 ($32,000) from the largest private Islamic school in Europe, The First Tutors School, London.

The fees are For 3 1/2 year olds: $5,200 per year or 5% of the household income plus the child’s and the parents’ signature on the “Education Mortgage,” renewable annually.

For 5 1/2 year olds: $10,000 or 5% of the household income plus the child’s and the parents’ signature on an Educational Mortgage.

For 12 year olds: $ 52,000 or 5% of the household income plus the child’s and the parents’ signature on an Educational Mortgage. (Parents must note that a “first rate” education in the 21st century involves educating the whole mind as Plato and Confucius urged, beginning with the child’s character training. That means knowing the basics of music, mathematics, and athletics to discipline the body and the mind, plus the basic principles of all other subjects, particularly human nature as expressed in over 6,000 cultures and languages. The Academy in fact will ensure that every graduate will have mastered the basic sound system, orthography, grammar and vocabulary of the world’s 12 major languages, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindustani, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Swahali. (That mastery is achievable by intelligent pre-teens in six months under genius native speakers.)

[1] Grandparents may buy a share for their grandbaby at a rate of $10 per month for one year, or longer.  Every child should be born with such a “security silver spoon” in his or her mouth.  Imagine the child’s self-confidence from such gifts; and the symbolism which will remind the child throughout her life of the gifts of the “Three Wise Men” to Jesus Christ.
[2] One reason American 15-year-olds rank 37th in in the world in mathematical skills is that they don’t experience mathematical geniuses until college, much too late.

[3]  An ancient Chinese belief is that one out of 250 humans is a potential healing genius.

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