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Thinking-the Expanding

Thinking: The Expanding Frontier by William Maxwell (Author)

Philadelphia: Franklin Institute Press. 1983.                               

This volume contains 25 of the   95 scholarly or research papers presented at the first International Conference on Thinking hosted at The University of The South Pacific  based in Suva, Fiji, serving 11 nations.  The book contains papers by twenty-five eminent researchers from Oxford, Harvard, and other universities around the world.  Revolutionary research is reported by Edward de Bono, author of 65 books on thinking, and William Maxwell whose research with over 1,600 six-year-olds in Fiji demonstrated many ways to increase the IQs of young children.


Special Price: $8.47

The First Hero
by William Maxwell (Author)

The First Hero is history fiction for children ages 10 to 18 and details how humankind’s first inventions came about.

The first hero appeared 190,000 years ago in a African clan ruled by a savage, autocratic chief. Our heroine escapes the steamy jungle with her six children and is soon eaten by a now extinct  Brown Bear that ruled the Savannahs.  The children, unlike in the “Lord   of the Flies” by William Golding, do not revert to savagery.  Instead, they lay the foundations of civil life, becoming the parents of all human cultures by inventing sandals, spoken language, music, rafts, mats, the first clothing, a kind of crude kaftan, family rituals, celebratory dancing; the nuclear family, and accepts the forerunner of revealed religions, the Shaman.

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Genius Baby

Genius Baby is a science-fiction spy thriller written to entertain adults and at the same time disclose the major secrets of how geniuses are produced.

Genius Baby’s opening scene is a “perfect” office of a patent attorney specializing in intellectual properties.  The second scene is of an immaculate birth in a unique birthing tub where the baby is born pain free and the mother enjoys her first spiritual awakening.  The parents are of mixed races having decided at or near age 6 to rear “a perfect child.” When baby Richard reaches 23 months an international conspiratorial crisis arises in which the baby participates.  The crisis starts when a Kenyan inventor finds a way to harness very efficiently solar energy to make obsolete all forms of fossil energy.  The most powerful men in the world conspire to destroy this development.  Two French patent attorney ally with Baby Richard’s father to save the world from rich and powerful thugs from several nations, Kenya, Russia, Albania and the U.S.

Special Price: $20

Super Parenting

(also available in Korean)

SuperParenting distills the findings of over 250 research studies and ”best practices” of some of the most successful cultures in the world, the Jews, the Scots, the Ibos, the Japanese, Koreans, and the Fijian Culture.

SuperParenting recommends that the baby sleeps with the parents at least for five months, which prevents nightmares and crib-deaths. It also recommends breastfeeding, which helps build the baby’s immune system, thereby reducing illnesses and saving the baby up to 15 IQ points.

Special Price: $20

All proceeds from the sales of these books, except for royalties paid to the living co-authors, go to support the American Creed Academy, Inc. Nashville, Arkansas,

© 2019 Professor William Maxwell, Ed.D.

Telephone: 404.323.1403.

Professor William Maxwell’s
Parenting 201

Parenting 201

Course Description: This course teaches parents how to prepare their children to earn the world’s top prizes, (Nobel Prize, Field’s Medal, Olympic Medal, Pulitzer Prize, etc.). This is a goal-oriented lecture/workshop for the entire family, summarizing research on past winners and teaching games that set the child’s mind on a winning course. The aim is to discover the child’s strongest talents and systematically mentor those talents.

Prerequisites: Having children or intending to have children.

Instructor: Professor William Maxwell, Ed.D., Harvard University. In October 1957, 50,000 U.S. soldiers were stationed in South Korea. Of the 50,000, 142 had an IQ score of 142 or higher – or genius level. The 8th U.S. Army-funded William’s systematic study of all 142 soldiers. His study was published in one of America’s premier journals, Phi Delta Kappan. Since 1957, William has found and mentored highly talented persons of all ages in five continents. Three of those mentored became heads of universities, believed to be a world record. He shares with parents and children the secrets of career success which begins with a spiritually bonded family and intellectually challenging games which help discipline the mind for the hard work necessary for high success.

Dates for Upcoming Classes: s To be announced.

Cost: $50

Time: 2:00 to 3:30 pm.

Location: To be announced.

(Space is limited. Therefore, call for reservations: 404.323.1403)

Materials Fee: $50 (Inclusive of Books, Games and Handouts Provided to the Family) Recommended but not require

Inventive Quotient (I.Q.):
The Child’s First Course in Logical Reasoning

By: William Maxwell (Ed.D., Early Childhood Development, Harvard); and Satoshi Takahashi, (Ph.D., Mathematics, Columbia)

The only 7-Minutes per day Home Curriculum guaranteed to raise a normal child’s IQ by at least 10 points.

Available in Mineral Springs only at this time, and by arrangement. One hour per week, for six weeks; Learning Cards and Instructional Manual included.  $250.

This booklet and the 52 learning cards were created for fathers who have fallen in love with their child and who wish to assist that child to achieve great success in life.

This curriculum uses 40 types of games to teach all of the basic types of thinking from sorting and classifying to perception skills, to memory training, to games dealing with everything in the child’s environment, to concepts from biology, chemistry, ecology and most other sciences. There are mathematical drills and games to teach both deductive and inductive logic – the kind of thinking great scientists are good at.

A fascinating finding from the research course taught by Professor Maxwell and repeated over a four-year period at the University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji, was that the fastest way to raise the IQ of six year old children was with fun games, especially games using abstract symbols and mathematical ideas.

The 40 types of games Mental Skills Taught
1. Simple sorting (Games 1a – 2c) Perception, communication and classification skills
2. Simple Competition (Games 3 -9) Appreciate competition as a motivator
3. Memory Training Games (10 – 11) Memory, focusing; attention
4. Naming Everything Games  (Game 12a – 15j) Environmental coping and competency; vocabulary
5. Musical Intelligence (Games 16 – 18) Rhythm, Note Recognition; Melody Making
6. Ecological Intelligence (Games 19a- 19b) Acquaintance with environment and biological ideas
7. Intuition (Game 20) Trust the Future and Karma; Trust intuitive intelligence
8. Spatial Intelligence (Games 21a – 29b) Geography, Navigation, following directions
9. Scientific Intelligence     (Games 30 – 33) Chemistry, Solar System understanding; Physics
10. Arithmetic Fluency (Game type 34) Rapid calculations, listening skills
11. Deductive Reasoning (Games 34-35) Strategic thinking, elements of probability, memory
12. Inductive Reasoning Games 36 – 39) Using evidence to generate hypotheses (scienfific logic)
13. Inventive Quotient (Game 40) Inventiveness; patenting process
Ideally, the father plays these games with his child for about 7 minutes per day. Research over a four year period in Fiji with first-graders showed that each type of game raises the child’s IQ by at least six points. In combination, the guarantee is at least 10 points the first year. (Top universities expect an IQ over 132, which is attainable by every child when mentored by this curriculum.)

The Maxwell-Martin Multiple Intelligences Career PathFinder Test ™

Cost: $199.95

The Maxwell-Martin Multiple Intelligences/Career Finder Test™ was developed at the request of Grantham University to prove to its accrediting agency that its students increase their intelligence (IQ) while enrolled. It turned out that the Maxwell-Martin Multiple Intelligences/Career Finder Test does more than measure IQ. This unique test samples most of one’s many different kinds of reasoning skills, mathematical, spatial, inter-personal, even intuitive and creative, etc.

To the developers’ surprise, the test also predicts with great reliability what career the person is most likely to find most rewarding. The test uses video clips and actual real-life situations to check the person’s various reasoning skills. A high-speed internet connection is required and the test requires about 90 minutes of uninterrupted time. The test is for persons whose mental age is 12 years and above. The developers have over 100 years of combined experience teaching in higher education and counseling; they also earned high honors and doctorates at Harvard, Mount Holyoke College, and the University of Michigan.

With fifty questions, the Genius Finder samples the examinee’s reasoning skills in 21 domains and also coaches the examinee on how to increase his or her thinking skills in each of those domains. Persons who think skillfully in more of those domains are almost invariably successful in life. The domains sampled in the MMMICPF (“Genius Finder”) instrument are:

  • Logic, Deductive
  • Logic, Inductive
  • Everyday Problem Solving
  • Inferential reasoning
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Application of Scientific Principles
  • Imagination and Inspiration
  • Memory and Knowledge Acquisition
  • Personal Relationships
  • Observational Skills
  • Creative Thinking Skills
  • Self Awareness
  • Ability to read others’ intentions and to cooperate with others
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Mathematical / Statistical Reasoning
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Musical Thinking
  • Kinesthetic Thinking
  • Ecological Intelligence
  • Curiosity
  • Achievement Drive (Success Drive)
  • Application of Scientific Principles

Immediately after you take the Maxwell-Martin Test, in a few seconds, you will be presented with two reports showing your scores in the above areas, with suggestions on how to improve your skills in each area. Also, the report will offer suggestions, based upon your profile scores, as to which career(s) you are most likely to achieve distinction.. (An assumption is that, in theory, any human who invests 10,000 dedicated hours to mastering any field or profession will normally be successful in that field or profession.)

ì Also known as “The Genius Finder” Test.

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